What You May Experience After Cosmetic Surgery

Care for yourself after undergoing cosmetic surgery is crucial for your recovery. You’ll likely experience some pain following your cosmetic surgery, particularly in the first few days, but it will go away quickly. Make sure to rest with your head elevated and take an oral pain reliever as recommended by your cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. Aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided during this time. Your surgeon will also give you detailed instructions about the recovery process, which you can read here.

Scar development after cosmetic surgery

Scar development after cosmetic surgery treatment is inevitable. However, the process of healing does not happen overnight. Your body needs time to heal, and your new skin will be more durable. The next steps in scar development include protecting your body against the sun’s UV rays and adhering to a healthy diet. Here are some helpful tips to minimize scarring after cosmetic surgery. A good diet includes fruits and vegetables rich in zinc and vitamin C.

Swelling of the surrounding tissues after cosmetic surgery

After cosmetic surgeries, swelling of the surrounding tissues is a normal part of the healing process. The body responds to an injury by releasing an inflammatory response, so a significant amount of swelling is normal. During recovery, swelling generally diminishes after about a week. However, some people find that their swelling is particularly noticeable during the first few days after surgery. Fortunately, they can take steps to reduce the impact of swelling and have a faster recovery time.

Post-operative depression

While most people who undergo cosmetic surgery will experience post-operative depression, the symptoms can be a bit different for every patient. The most common symptoms include trouble sleeping, extreme tiredness, feelings of guilt, irritability, and loss of appetite. However, anyone who has recently undergone any surgery should discuss any of these feelings with their doctor. It may be a sign of depression, or it may be a sign of a different condition.

Negative feelings

While under anesthesia, anything can happen, including negative feelings after cosmetic surgery. They may occur immediately after surgery or weeks later, but most patients reported increased satisfaction and improved body image. They also reported fewer negative feelings during social situations. Researchers plan to follow up with patients over the next year to evaluate the long-term effects of surgery.

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