4 Steps of Home Deep Cleaning

4 Steps of Home Deep Cleaning

The first step in a deep clean is to reduce clutter. Aim for 50% less clutter in closets and storage areas. Donate out-of-season clothing and items that are rarely worn. Moreover, reduce the number of items in built-in storage areas. Before the deep cleaning, remove the clutter and organize the items in boxes. Traditional cleaning solutions may cause damage to certain materials. In such cases, consider hiring a professional move in deep cleaning services in Dubai to get the job done.

Regular and deep cleaning:

There are two basic types of house cleaning: regular and deep cleaning. While regular cleaning is more general and usually involves the basic house cleaning tasks, deep cleaning involves a more thorough cleaning. Deep cleaning involves deep scrubbing of kitchen surfaces inside microwaves. It also involves heavy brushing of floors and bathtubs. Regular cleaning can be done by the average person every two weeks or monthly, depending on the size and layout of the home.

Identifying what you want ahead of time:

Before you begin a deep cleaning project, identify what you’re trying to achieve. Knowing your goals ahead of time will help you set realistic expectations. If you don’t want to spend too much time, do a few basic tidying tasks around the house. That way, you’ll have fewer tasks to complete when you get to them.

Dividing your cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks:

One good way to stay on top of home cleaning tasks is to divide your list into daily, weekly, and monthly categories. The daily tasks can be completed in one day or split into two days. Identify a specific day for cleaning and allocate a time for each task. Often, people overestimate their cleaning duties, so it is important to consider all of the time available to complete each task. Include time to get dressed, eat, and shop. You can also assign certain days to specific tasks.


Dusting is an important step as part of your home deep cleaning routine. Dust accumulates on surfaces like the ceiling, overhead lighting fixtures, and shelving. You probably don’t dust these features often, so you’re likely to overlook them. If you don’t dust high features, you’ll clean the dirty parts below them. To prevent this, start dusting at the top of the room and move down to the lower levels.